"Providing care and education for children aged six weeks to six years."

Child Care for Wyndham Vale Locals

The early years of your child’s development are among their most formative, so it’s crucial that they’re afforded suitable opportunities to develop physical, emotional, social, cognitive and language skills that are suited to their age. One of the most effective ways of developing these skills is through early childhood education that’s provided in a kindergarten, early learning centre or child care facility. When you’re looking for an early learning centre near Wyndham Vale or nearby suburbs, choose Truganina Early Learning Centre – one of the leading Wyndham Vale child care centres.

Quality Learning Opportunities for Children of All Early Ages

For parents and guardians looking after pre-school aged children in the Wyndham Vale area, Truganina Early Learning Centre provides children with the means to develop their essential skills. Our Wyndham kindergarten accommodates children up to and including the age of six across four main age groups, including:

  • Nursery – Available for children from six weeks to 14 months of age
  • Toddler – For children aged 14 months to three years
  • Pre-Kinder – For children three to four years of age
  • Kindergarten – Our Wyndham Vale kindergarten is designed for children four to six years old

Each level builds upon the previous to arm your child with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to take them through their schooling and beyond. We also implement fun preschool learning activities and promote healthy eating through our child care centre menus.

If you’re looking for child care near Wyndham Vale or asking yourself “where can I find daycare centers near me?”, enquire with Truganina Early Learning Centre today. Call our centre for child care in Truganina on (03) 8609 2324 or enrol online today.

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