"Providing care and education for children aged six weeks to six years."

Rituals provide children with a sense of security, identity and belonging. At Truganina Early Learning Centre, we have carefully selected a number of special rituals to practice daily with the children in our care to encourage strong relationships and beautiful memories. If you’re searching for “daycare centers near me”, find out what separates us from other child care centres in Tarneit and surrounds.

Progressive Meals

Our progressive meal time ritual aims to ensure meal times are always a positive learning experience. This is complemented by our child care menu planning for healthy and nutritious meals.

This ritual allows children to choose to eat when they are hungry rather than when we tell them to. Children are encouraged to gather in small groups and enjoy their meal when it suits them without interrupting the needs and play of others.

Progressive meals encourage quieter, more social and meaningful interactions at these times and allows for a smoother flow throughout the day. Children are also encouraged to be an active part of the whole meal experience. This includes setting the table, serving themselves and cleaning up afterwards.

Children will be supervised at all times to ensure their nutritional well-being and safety.

Sleeping and Relaxation Times

Children in our care are developing both physically and mentally. We understand the importance of taking the time each day to relax, re-energise and refresh the mind after taking part in fun activities and environmental experiences in child care.

We provide a calming environment conducive for sleep. Children’s beds are arranged in our space to provide a sense of comfort and security. We also offer a separate sleeping room for children in our Nursery.

Our sleep and relaxation times are not designated to one particular environment, we may arrange our beds outdoors under a tree in the shade depending on the preference of our children.

For children that do not wish to sleep, we have a range of quiet calming activities for them to participate in whilst still allowing the time to re-energise.

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