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Environmental Experiences in Child Care

At Truganina Early Learning Centre, we endeavour to provide environmental experiences in child care that introduce children to the concepts of sustainability and environmental responsibility, teaching them to take care of the planet now and into the future.

Sustainability Classroom Activities that Offer Lessons to Take Into the Future

Through the implementation of sustainability classroom activities, our educators work with our children to promote healthy, sustainable practices; encouraging them to make environmentally responsible decisions that will have a positive, lasting effect. Such classroom activities at our five star day care center might include:

  • Gardening
  • Worm farms
  • Composting
  • Recycling initiatives
  • Water conservation

For more information on how our kindergarten near Tarneit provides environmental experiences in child care and early learning education, speak to one of our educators or support staff today about our child care curriculum planning.

Happily Leading by Example

At Truganina Early Learning Centre, we understand that role-modelling sustainable practices is crucial for helping children become environmentally aware and responsible citizens of the future. We strive to deliver meaningful environmental experiences in child care that they can then take with them in their own lives.

We lead by example by:

  • Purchasing only recycled paper towel and toilet paper
  • Arranging with the council to drop off a green bin for organic plants
  • Reusing cardboard boxes in the classroom and for outdoor activities
  • Adding mechanical timers to children’s water taps to prevent wastage
  • Switching to environmentally friendly products to use

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