Privately Owned, Community Focused

At Truganina Early Learning Centre, children come first, as our educators recognise the uniqueness of each child. By acknowledging the decisions regarding the children’s identity, abilities and a strong sense of well-being, we create confident communicators and involved learners. We also have an excellent preschool curriculum that’s complemented by healthy child care centre menus for optimal nutrition.

Foster a Love For Learning

We believe that by creating a diverse environment for children, families and community, we foster a love of learning at our five-star daycare. Learning is a cycle of inquiry that is driven by curiosity and desire. It involves questioning, investigating, researching, evaluating and building on what we already know or do. Learning takes time, patience, persistence and willingness. We strive to inspire the positive foundations and mindset of a life-long learner within every child.

Our Values and Philosophies

We actively recognise the valuable role of parents as children’s first teachers. Understanding and respecting family values and beliefs underpins a partnership approach. Partnerships with families involve establishing a community, where both children and families know they belong and make a valuable contribution.


Each day we inspire our little ones to collaborate sweetly, inspiring their first experiences with friendship.


Whether communicating to team members, families or children, we bring warmth and kindness into every word and gesture.


In these early years, we aim to inspire each child to crave knowledge and discovery. To do this, we activate the imagination.

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